Building A Better Spiritual Future


ISKCON South London is currently undergoing renovation work.

Stage 1 – Temple Hall – Complete

  • Larger Entrance with Shoe Rack and Sink.
  • New Doors Inside and Outside.
  • New Flooring in the Temple Hall and Deity Room.
  • New Room for life-size Srila Prabhupada Murti.
  • Loft space installed.

Stage 2 – Deity Kitchen & Washing up facilities – Complete

  • Completely rebuilt structure for Deity kitchen.
  • New fully equipped fitted kitchen.
  • New Main entrance to the Temple on the side of the property.
  • Three large outside Sinks for washing up and drainage area with storage facilities.

Stage 3 – Street Entrance and Devotees Kitchen – Complete

  • Newly paved drive with Indian Sandstone.
  • New Front Wall.
  • Large Gates with Tilak sign and inscribed with the words ‘Hare Krishna’.
  • Two Side Gates for entrance .
  • Wall Murtis of Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda separated by a Large Tilak Sign on the front walls of the temple.
  • New Double Size Shed for storage
  • New Devotee Kitchen with modern facilities

Stage 4 – Ashram rooms and prasadam dinning room – Complete

  • Ashram rooms renovated with re-plastering, decorating and new flooring .
  • Loft space installed.
  • New Storage Space in the Prasadam Room with a drop down table.

Future Work to commence soon

  • External notice board installed roadside
  • Brass Temple plaque installed
  • New Temple sign
  • New External Lighting
  • TLC External Toliets

The destination

The temple development project aims at making ISKCON South London a fully mature preaching center for everyone in the community to practise Krishna Consciousness and become a devotee.