Kartik Month

photoThe Padma Purana describes the month of Kartik as Krishna favourite month. Devotional activities performed during this holy month are rewarded with greater spiritual results than usual so devotees often take vows to increase their spiritual practices or to simplify their material needs for the entire month. It is a way that they can remember Krishna more and increase their service to Him.

The Padma Purana further recommends the daily offering of a ghee lamp to Krishna during Kartik so in ISKCON temples around the world devotees offer ghee lamps to Krishna either in the morning or evening while singing the Damodaraska prayers. These beautiful verses taught to the devotees by Srila Prabhupada glorify the Damodar pastime of Krishna which occurred during the Kartik month.

In this month many devotees perform the follow activities:

  • Chant more rounds of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra
  • Complete your rounds in brahmamuhurta (before 7am)
  • Offer Ghee lamp to the Lord and sing damodarastakam
  • Read Krishna Book
  • Fast from urad dal
  • Follow 4 principle rules strictly ( No meat eating, No Gambling, No illicit sex & No Intoxication )

At ISKCON South London the sacred month of Kartik is celebrated in a very special way. Every evening devotees gather at a different home for satsang. Everyone has the opportunity to offer the Deities a ghee lamp while singing the Damodarastaka prayers.


Monday 23rd November

– Ashram of Hareram prabhu & Amita mataji- 142 Turnpike Link, Croydon – from 8pm




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